About Michael Isom

Michael Isom, creator of the acclaimed 20/20 Personal Banking System, discovered his penchant for business matters early on in life, following his successful stint selling cellphones in 1993, where he earned over $250,000 dollars a year as a mere twenty-two-year-old college student in Utah. This exposed him to the fiscal side of business, providing him with the life experience and knowledge necessary to further pave the road for his eventual career in finance some seven years later.

Now, more than a decade later, following many personal trials that helped serve as a catalyst for his future efforts, Michael Isom is a widely regarded and deeply respected entrepreneur, educator, and wealth strategist, having served thousands of clients in various financial matters. He is now also a highly sought-after personal speaker on the topics of banking and personal finance; co-author of the book, What Would the Rockefellers Do?; and principal owner of Optic Financial, a company that specializes in various wealth and protection strategies.

By utilizing his years of study in the field of macroeconomics, Michael has strategized with numbers of successful business owners, budding entrepreneurs, and influential individuals, coaching them on how to not only better protect their current assets, but also educating them on how to further increase their wealth and keep it. And he does so by employing overlooked strategies that promote coordination with various financial products, such as term life insurance, to lead his clients to continuous financial wealth and success.

His methods are built off the back of his own 20/20 banking system, where he eschews the more typical fiscal approaches—which often involve extreme money-borrowing and high-interest—where a client uses their own financial resources and is no longer unnecessarily beholden to any money lender or outside company, promoting further self-sufficiency.

His book, What Would The Rockefellers Do? further capitalizes on Michael and Garrett’s combined decades of experience. Within, Michael imparts his practical knowledge on how others can be their own best assets, and how to avoid common mistakes, myths, and pitfalls during their journeys, buying net worth instead of solely building it. The book is aimed at teaching others what he and Garrett know to be the keys to sustained financial success both in the short term and in the long term, extending down to future generations.

Michael is also an extremely dedicated family man. He has been married to the love of his life, Wendy, since 1993, and is the proud father to two children: Kennedy and Kaden. Michael Isom lives in Utah with his family where in his spare time, he enjoys off-road racing, traveling and personal fitness. He enjoys constructing and participating in philanthropic outreach efforts and hopes to construct philanthropic effort to homeless and troubled youth in Utah in the near future.